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Garden Flower Colors and Meanings

√ Updated: September 14, 2010

Introduction to Flower Color Meanings

Creating a beautiful garden is like painting a picture in living color. Gardening for pleasure as well as gardening to grow food is an almost universal human occupation. Achieving color harmony, contrast and effective color combinations in the garden is a fascinating art.

Flower colors can have specific meanings even for the same flower. For example, a red tulip has a different meaning than a yellow tulip. (Read more about tulip symbolism.) However, there are general garden color meanings that can guide the creation of a garden for a symbolic purpose. Gardens can be created in honor of a loved one who has passed on or as a celebration for a special event such as an outdoor wedding.

Knowing flower color symbolism and fascinating facts about different types of flowers will give your garden a whole new level of meaning! Learn about the tradition symbolism associated with each flower, where the flower originated, how to best grow each flower and other key information in other articles on this website indicated below. And the next time you are planning a garden, don't forget to consider the flower color symbolism of different flowers. By doing so, you can create a garden that is a conversation piece as well as a beautiful sight to see!

For identifying photos of flowers and information on their symbolism arranged alphabetically, please see Flower Symbolism Guide. For a quick reference to flowers by meaning (such as hope, love, etc.), please see our article Find Flowers By Meaning. For information on the origin of flower names, please see Meanings of Flower Names. For information on the symbolic flowers in gardens honoring Mother Mary, see Mary Garden Flower Symbolism.

For more on flower symbolism, see recommended books from Amazon:
Folklore and Symbolism of Flowers, Plants and Trees
The Language of Flowers: Symbols And Myths
The Language of Flowers
The Meaning of Flowers
Forget-Me-Not: A Floral Treasury Sentiments and Plant Lore from the Language of Flowers

Knowing garden color meaning can also add a new dimension to any garden. The meaning of flower colors in gardens are indicated below:

Meaning of Garden Colors: Red Flowers

Red Garden ColorRed flowers are stimulating and eye-catching. Red flowers create movement and drama. Red flowers symbolize cheerfulness and happiness. Red flowers include poppies, poinsettias, daylilies, tulips, pansies and zinnias. The color meanings of red includes pleasure, desire, vitality, will to win, love of sports and the survival instinct. The “warm” colors red, orange and yellow are considered to be stimulating colors.

Meaning of Garden Colors: Orange Flowers

Orange Garden ColorOrange flowers raise the spirits and reflect the joy of sunshine. Orange flowers symbolize warmth, fire, energy and vitality. Orange flowers include marigolds, daylilies, nasturtiums, and calendula. The color meanings of orange are creativity, confidence, intuition, friendliness and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Meaning of Garden Colors: Yellow Flowers

Yellow Garden ColorYellow flowers are the heralds of spring. Yellow flowers symbolize the clear away of the winter and stimulate clear thinking. Yellow flowers include daffodils, crocus, iris, daylilies, coneflowers, dandelions and chrysanthemums. The color meanings of yellow are enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sense of humor, fun, optimism and intellectuality.

Meaning of Garden Colors: White Flowers

White Garden ColorWhite flowers symbolize purity, contemplation and innocence. Many night-flowering plants are white, symbolizing the feminine energies of the moon. White flowers include lilies, alyssum and baby's breath. Use white to give breathing space in your garden from the intensity of bright colors demanding attention. White means purity, inner illumination and spirituality. White softens the sometimes harsh impact of red.

Meaning of Garden Colors: Pink Flowers

Pink Garden ColorPink flowers symbolize love and healing from grief, anxiety or emotional trauma. A rose garden is the quintessential pink garden. Other pink flowers include chrysanthemums, irises, daylilies, camellias, azaleas, carnations and dahlias. Pink is related to warmth and love, gentleness, beauty, and an outward orientation.

Meaning of Garden Colors:
Blue Flowers

bachleor button flower symbolismBlue flowers symbolize the peace of ocean and sky. Blue flowers are cooling and calming. Blue flowers include irises, asters, bluebells, hyacinths, anemone, bachelor buttons, forget-me-nots and morning glories. The color meanings of blue are related to freedom, strength and new beginnings. Blue skies mean optimism and better opportunities. Blue symbolizes water, the source of life. See article on The Symbolism of the Color Blue.

Meaning of Garden Colors: Purple Flowers

Purple Garden ColorPurple and violet colors soothe the mind and nerves. Purple helps to relieve tension and dissipate anger and violence. Purple and violet flowers include lilacs, violets, sweet peas, foxglove, lupines, alium and crocuses. The color meanings of violet are the psychological quality of transformation, transmutation and the balance of power and love. Additional meanings include charisma, charm, magical abilities and tolerance.

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